The path less traveled and often difficult to find

So it just took me 14 minutes 20 seconds to burn 10 grams of fat (or 90 calories), assuming I was burning fat within my target range the whole time.

To put this in perspective: There’s 28 grams in an ounce. That means it would take me nearly 45 minutes to burn an OUNCE of fat. So that’s a slow to moderate 60-70% MHR pace.

Further perspective: 16 Ounces in a pound means I would have to do at least 16 rounds of 45 minutes in a week in order to even think I’m burning an extra pound of fat through cardio each week.

That’s under 16 hours, but well over 8 extra hours of cardio each week to reach a goal of burning a pound of fat through cardio. Without looking at numbers I think it comes out to around 12 hours a week.

I don’t say this to discourage anyone, because it shouldn’t. I’m typing this just to put some real numbers on what we are looking at. While RMR and strength training factor in with a few other things this is part of what it will take to truly see significant fat loss quick.

This will happen easier for people with a lot of fat to lose and for people that are pretty fit.

Unfortunately, the groups of people who have it hardest are those who have just made it past the initial fat loss acceleration and those who are looking to get to super low body fat percentages.

The key- Consistency and a realistic view of what it takes.

I’ve seen hundreds of people over the years expecting this dramatic shift in a month all while not realizing they should be more focused on building patterns they can stick to while not getting into short term goals like vacations that ultimately set them up for disaster. I see this over and over. People get in serious mode only to lose it all in an all out binge losing nearly all the progress they made over the past 4-8 weeks.

Part of why this happens is they just haven’t set their metabolism up yet to even be running efficiently. Most haven’t yet put on the quality muscle they need to keep their bodies steadily burning fat on it’s own. This takes time. This takes patience. This takes will power. If you understand this and can have self control and an overall understanding of these things your success rate will go up drastically.

I’m not in any one camp or school of thought. Sometimes I look at people and just think they need to work on their “Will” if you will. Pun intended. Those people want results and need to face the music. Be willing to sacrifice now for benefits later and being able to maintain the body you want more easily or suffer the frustration of binging every week or two. This is a vicious and mentally exhausting cycle. These people need to make habits stick for 3-6 months minimum to “get it”. They need to break old patterns, say fuck it and buckle down so they can be as happy as they want to be.

Then you have the people who fall into the other category ( I say this while realizing it’s not such a simple dichotomy. Some people may sway between patterns at times or alternate. The other extreme are the people who are very good at building healthy patterns to the point where they at times nearly alienate themselves from the world in an ultimate sacrifice just to maintain the image and potentially the health zenith that they desire.

I truly feel the balance between these two worlds is the healthiest. Finding a place where you are consistent or at least have the will to buckle down and be consistent when desired. A place where you can sacrifice, but you find the balance of still having a social life. You shouldn’t have to feel like an outsider, but if others don’t understand your desires and empathize with your sacrifices when you take them, you can live with that.


There are all kinds of triggers to fall one way or another depending on what type of person you are. As we find the knowledge and understanding of this dynamic process we ultimately will find some more keys to those happy places mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Always try to understand what makes you the best. Keep pushing and realize your pitfalls. There’s a lot to be said for being aware, my clients can tell you how much I stress awareness on a daily basis. Knowing where the line between having fun and being destructive has to be one you can recognize. When you find this recognition and learn to play within these boundaries you will start to find a balance that feels more natural over time and less forced.

That’s the beauty of pattern building. Once you build in a pattern over time, that keeps you smiling and not forcing a smile, you start to build an even more amazing version of yourself. I know I’m much easier to deal with when I have my patterns building towards my optimal standard of what I’m trying to do. Each day matters warriors. Even more than the last.

Whether you’re just starting or trying to stay on track know that you need to know what your patterns need to be. Envision your goals daily. Grind, push, and never stop moving towards your ultimate path. Hit it hard warriors!