The Boom! Athletics method (Part 1)

My name is Sean Seaberg and I am the creator of Boom! Athletics, a gym located in the heart of Haverhill, Massachusetts. This whole thing is a manifestation of accumulated knowledge and experience. I love this place and everyone who supports what we do here. With that being said I’d like to clarify what we do and what we hope to accomplish here at Boom! Athletics.

You can call us a gym, a fitness center, you can call us a training studio, you can call us a strength and conditioning center, you can even call us a martial arts academy at this point. We are many things and I’m not really concerned what we are categorized as, as long as people understand what we do here. At the heart of the business is fitness and wellbeing, this has always been what Boom! Athletics was intended to be. The evolution of my ideas in fitness have morphed over the years while becoming something I had never imagined many years ago when I started in this industry.

There’s a lot of words I can use to describe what we work on here, Strength, conditioning, agility, speed, quickness, balance, stability, coordination, movement, mobility, flexibility, and the list really goes on and on. The point I’m making is, we keep it real here and we are focused on trying to help people improve in every way we can. We try to fit as many different practices into place as possible to maximize your time as well as your overall health which means your quality of life.

I like Boom! to follow a guideline of practicing an evidence based approach without needing to over think what we are doing here. I explain to all of our members, students, and coaches what are proven methods and what that means to your training. We have to stay level-headed in our approach and use our best judgement while keeping in mind there is some very solid science to support what we do from a methodology standpoint.

Since starting Boom! Athletics years ago in downtown Haverhill I developed a system which has worked very well and I continue to build on my methods towards something even better all the time. I have a fundamentals course which all new members are required to go through before they are merged into group classes or pushed further in personal training of any kind. The reason for this is it works as not only an assessment for our coaches and I, but also as a way for people to become familiar with cues as well as form and positioning. While teaching people it is much easier to coach them with their lifts and exercises after going through fundamentals. It gives us a base variety of movements and articulations we familiarize ourselves with which is a great catalyst to start teaching people about their own neural programming and adaptations. The stress level of these fundamental classes varies depending on your fitness level, but it is fairly basic for most, though a lot of people are surprised at how much they actually sweat going through such a basic class. The goal isn’t to make you sore or exhausted here it is to get you results in the best way possible and soreness or exhaustion may end up a byproduct of the hard work we do here, but is never the focus. We are here to teach efficiency and to help you do things in the most productive way possible. Fundamentals classes is a great start and introduction into what we do, by the time you have finished fundamentals you will be more confident and secure stepping up to the next level. I personally like to make sure people move at their own proper pace, so if this means not touching external weight for 2-4 weeks then so be it. We are here to help you manage your health while optimizing your capabilities and capacities which is how this fitness thing should be done!

Since people usually don’t have many hours a day to dedicate to fitness and martial arts we try to make sure you get the most out of each and every visit. Whether it’s rep speed, rep range, form, technique, rest periods, time under tension we try to teach as much as we can so you understand why you are doing what you do with us here. Our goal isn’t to do anything more than give you a place where you can continually learn, to push your limits, and be part of an amazing family oriented community while kicking ass every time you step foot through our doors.

We have mostly general population clients who come in with the goal of improving strength, balance, skill, and conditioning, but we train a wide range of athletes on all levels. We work with high school athletes, college athletes, amateur athletes as well as professional athletes in a wide range of sports including powerlifting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed martial arts, American football, Soccer, Golf, basketball, strongman competitions as well as professional wrestling. I have over a decade worth of experience helping bodybuilding and figure competitors as well. So we really are varied in the ways we can help people here and have been very successful in helping to create winning athletes on all levels! DSCN0532

Our goal is to become the leading fitness resource and facility not only in the Haverhill region, but to become as much as a force as we can across the Merrimack valley, Massachusetts, the united states and the entire world.

We offer a variety of packages for personal training, group training, and martial arts classes. Our classes vary from a strength base to a movement base. Some of our classes are focused on burning calories while others aren’t nearly as focused on burning calories as they are improving strength and skills. We pride ourselves on having something for most demographics. We have world-class strength grandmothers who powerlift here as well as young male champion football athletes, we have people from all different walks of life that are all different levels of experience. 

I personally have helped clients recover post rehab from connective tissue damage, broken bones, bulging discs, protruding discs, dislocations, Patella surgeries, Hip replacements, knee replacements, rotator cuff surgeries, neck surgeries, gastric bypass, gastric surgeries, torn muscles, and strokes. It is remarkable what we can accomplish when we are willing to put the time and energy into it. We can reverse the aging process and reach limits we never even realized were possible. I look forward to helping as many of you as possible and hope you will all take the chance to see what Boom! Athletics can offer you.

In our next segment we’ll talk more specifically about the methods we are using a lot more. Stay tuned and come visit us downtown Haverhill, Massachusetts. Boom! could be the gym for you if you’re serious about getting lasting results and learning as much as you can about your health.

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