Burning fat fast: The irony


Searching for the easy button

Burning fat is one of the most popular topics that will ever exist in the health, nutrition, and fitness industries. easy_button There have been endless amounts of drugs, supplements, and methods that have been invented just to promise the highly sought after holy grail that is effectively Burning fat. In the modern era it’s one of the most sought after solutions, if not the most sought after. Losing fat easily will continue to be a focus of the modern fitness, health, and general populations for the foreseeable future. This is the reason people and companies will continue to capitalize off this topic!



They sell you promise

Burn fat fast, Get results quick, instant fat loss now!  You see all these marketing terms, phrases all the time, they aren’t going away as long as fat burning is a focus with humans. There’s many reasons why people want to be lean and mean without much fat on their bodies and for most of us it’s a matter of aesthetics while I’m certain most everyone just wants to find an ideal amount of body fat to maintain mental composure about looking good naked and having good overall general health.


Fat_bastard You have to know that the temptation of promise will always be there with quick marketing schemes and in today’s society marketing will come in all angles. They will blatantly lie and tell you things that aren’t true, but mostly in a way that is too vague to really get them into trouble. They will twist old and new science to fit the narrative of their product even if it doesn’t meet the standards of the hard science. By doing this you’d have to consult an organic chemistry expert to even prove these hypothesized completely wrong and most people just don’t have a go to when it comes to finding out this kind of stuff. Some of the understanding of this science takes people years to grasp fully so good luck because even doctors get scammed. The point being, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in hype of “pie in the sky” results with anything short of doing actual drugs. Your best will be sticking with what we already know works and to keep learning about all the details of the fat burning process along the way if you really want to understand what I call the mini “cheat codes”.

What Happened?

There are many factors when it comes to these situations. The bottom line still remains the same and (LISS) Low Intensity Steady State cardio has been a fat loss staple for ages. It’s simple and until the past 100-200 years through (TDEE) Total Daily Energy Expenditure people usually had to exp hqdefault end quite a bit of energy to sustain their lives and help with their families. Whatever someone was doing back then usually took more actual physical labor as opposed to now in the big bold convenient world we’ve developed and continue to develop. Cars, washing machines, entertainment, food, and more, all these things have gradually led to the general population having to spend less and less time actually doing anything outside of work aside from some chores. While that’s a wild generalization, let’s face it, we have it easier than our ancestors did and it makes getting fat easy. It’s really as simple as that and then you compound that with cheaper more highly palatable foods, while now the picture starts to become more clear.


I think we can all collectively grasp what’s going on while we’re sitting around getting fat right? We are being comfortable and trying to find ways to keep stress low. The body adapts to stress and when we attempt to decrease stress to minimums we essentially are inviting our bodies to become fragile systems. If you’ve ever seen the Pixar movie Wall-E you should understand exactly what I mean.

Step it up

There is a way to burn fat fairly fast and strangely enough it’s by moving relatively slowly. It’s fairly well-known that staying within a certain heart beat range or Beats Per a Minute  (BPM) will determine how we use our energy systems. This in turn will determine, along with other factors, how we use our energy as well as out nutrients. The general range to optimize just burning fat is 65% of (MHR) Max Heart Rate. This is pretty much a brisk walk or mild bike ride to the average person. All factors being considered these exercises can affect people slightly differently otherwise we’d all get the same exact results at the same exact pace. If you work out with a friend that has the same body fat and they have been exercising more intensely than you for a longer time there’s a good chance they’ll be getting better results burning fat at a faster rate due to those other factors. This is all dependent and that’s why I even mention it. There are many factors, but doing LISS is proven and consistently useful in the general fat loss process no


Get on with it

We create the system we live in to a great degree. Burning fat can be a very simple thing and you can burn a lot of fat within days of you’re willing to put in the work. In weeks some people can lose 20+ pounds and it’s really what you put into it. Consistency is always paramount with getting results and the longer you stay consistent your progress can compound itself as your body adapts to stress. Adding different types of cardio methods can help amplify your metabolism drastically so feel free to add whatever methods not only work best, but are also enjoyable for you.



LISS – Low Intensity Steady State 65-70% (MHR)


MISS – Moderate Intensity Steady State 75-80% of (MHR)


HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training 85%+ of (MHR)


HIRT -High Intensity Resistance Training


                                                          (Percentage may vary)






                         Simple fat loss weekly Cardio plan





Example plan 1 (Boring Style)



Monday-Friday: 2 hours of LISS each day




This should help burn plenty of fat and can be done mindlessly while reading or watching a movie. Consistent LISS is really all you need, but many people find it to be very monotonous and time-consuming. That’s life, though…


Example plan 2 (Options)


Monday: 45 minutes of HIRT followed by 10 minutes of HIIT

Tuesday: 90 minutes of LISS

Wednesday: 60 minutes of HIRT followed by 30 minutes of LISS

Thursday: 60 minutes of MISS

Friday: 45 minutes of LISS followed by HIIT


Plan 2 is obviously a lot more complex and advanced, but which do you think is more fun? Well it’s up to you, but there are many ways to make fat burning more interesting and when it comes to burning the highest levels of fat low intensity steady state is a solid reliable routine.
If you decide to try either of these routines and enjoy them, feel free to let us know how it went. It’s important to understand what you’re doing so this process makes sense. So often people get caught in the trap of confusion due to misinformation and under educated, inexperienced trainers. Go build your new fat burning rituals for the rest of your life, Get shredded, and flex If it makes you happy!