Fernando Perez

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Head Instructor, Fernando Perez, has pursued and embraced a lifestyle in martial arts. At a young age, he began his journey through studying Seiguio Ryu Karate. Searching for a way to diversify and developed his own unique style, he moved on to study San Shou for five years and Judo for two years while at the University of San Marcos. During this time, he racked up a number of achievements in San Shou, including 3 time national champion, numerous championships and second place titles throughout Lima, Peru.

After his time at San Marcos, Fernando continued his pursuit to expand and grow his knowledge in martial arts. He started to study and compete as in amateur, semi-pro, and professional in Muay Thai in Lima, Peru and eventually in Thailand. In Thailand, he trained at Tiger Muay Thai, while also participating in MMA training. After moving to the United States, He continued training Muay Thai and also took up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. After ten years, he is now a Brown Belt under Rene Nazare of Clube Feijao USA with multiple achievements in NAPAGA, including a championship in advanced no gi, a second place medal in advanced Pankration, and multiple placings in NAGA tournaments.

Putting all of his martial arts experience together, he began competing in MMA. His MMA experience includes 20 professional fights, domestic and international, featured main events and co-main events.  With his extensive resume, Fernando now teaches full time at Fit to be Thai where he continues his journey by giving his motivation, knowledge, and passion for martial arts to his students.

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