5 ways to increase your protein intake fast!

Protein is a vital nutrient that supports many functions in the body, including building and repairing tissues, maintaining muscle mass, and producing hormones and enzymes. Meats, eggs, and dairy are excellent sources of high-quality protein. Here are four tips and recipe ideas to help people increase their protein intake from these sources:

  1. Incorporate lean meats or cheeses: Chicken, turkey, and lean beef are excellent sources of protein. Try adding them to salads, soups, or stews for a protein-packed meal. Any meal you like you can likely add some meat or cheese and immediately bring a higher value to that dish.

  2. Incorporate ground beef: Ground beef is a versatile protein source that can be used in various dishes such as burritos, pasta, and casseroles. Ground Beef can be put anywhere, eaten with just cheese, or made with a burger board for a lean meal option that’s tasty.

  3. Consider the carnivore diet: The carnivore diet focuses on animal-based protein sources like beef, pork, and chicken. For those following this diet, options like Carnivore Diet Meatloaf [4] can be a great way to get protein in.

  4. Add eggs to your meals: Eggs are an excellent source of high-quality protein and can be used in a variety of dishes like omelets, frittatas, and quiches. Try this Mexican Rice with Poached Eggs [5] recipe for a protein-packed dinner option.

  5. Drink Milk and cream: Plenty of misinformation has been spread about dairy & Milk, but many people have found Milk & cream that is actually healthy for their system. Many times people don’t realize alternatives or more pure sources of dairy exist that don’t bother the digestive system as much for many. Whether is getting fresh farm milk, an A2 milk, or fairlife…if you find something that works for you, that’s all that matters.

In conclusion, there are many ways to increase protein intake from meat, eggs, and dairy sources. Incorporating lean meats, ground beef, eggs, and considering the carnivore diet are all great ways to get more protein in the diet. These options can be used to create a variety of delicious and healthy meals that are high in protein.