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Build the body you deserve

We take a comprehensive approach to fitness, our programs incorporate strength, cardiovascular, and mobility exercises.

Personal Training

Private and semi-private sessions are for the serious members who want to achieve their fitness goals as quickly as they can. Singular private sessions can also be booked to touch up techniques learned in other programs.

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Buddy Training

Get fit with up to 4 friends! This is a great program for couples or friends who want to push each other into achieving their fitness goals. Working out together also increases the chance that you’ll both stick to it.

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BOOM! Athletics is a top notch gym with a top notch training staff. Sean is a motivating individual that prods the best out of you every session. I’m excited to get to the gym every day and that is something I’ve never experienced at any other gym. I’m a better me every time I leave that gym, BOOM!

- Carson True Read Reviews

Group Strength

Group training is an excellent and affordable training option which creates camaraderie, builds friendships, and offers friendly competition. Join with friends or make new ones in our group training programs.

  • General Strength & Powerlifting
  • Bodybuilding/Aesthetics Training
  • Skill and Ability Development
  • Metabolic Conditioning
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Advanced Strength & Conditioning

This class is for members who have been through 6 months of programming or more.

An Coach will be present, but you will only be able to receive partial attention if a Coach is with a personal client or other classes. You will train on a program provided to you that you signed up for, a general class program guideline, or an old program guideline you’ve done previously.

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Sean is one of a kind! One of the best training instructors and motivator I’ve ever had; and I’ve had a few. He’s helping me become a better person, the person I want to be, the person I can be.

- Yazmin Obi Read Reviews

Specialized Workouts


This class is just as self explanatory as it sounds. This class is all about lower body focus and primarily Booty training. Each week we will offer a new workout of the week with the goal of growing our booty.

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Quick HIIT Plus

Work at your own pace to hit your goals while burning out a sweat and extra calories! Types of hit Methods vary from class to class.  Strength (Anaerobic) HIIT and Aerobic HIIT workouts are assigned to the individual. We have programs aimed towards strength and bodybuilding for those of us looking to get in and out of the gym to maximize our benefits and time.

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