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We take a comprehensive approach to fitness, our programs incorporate strength, cardiovascular, and mobility exercises.

Personal Training

Private and semi-private sessions are for the serious members who want to achieve their fitness goals as quickly as they can. Singular private sessions can also be booked to touch up techniques learned in other programs.

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Buddy Training

Get fit with up to 2 or more friends! This is a great program for couples or friends who want to push each other into achieving their fitness goals that will allow you guided training with the people you care about most, while being able to get better deals than doing just personal training one on one. Working out together also increases the chance that you’ll both stick to it.

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BOOM! Athletics is a top notch gym with a top notch training staff. Sean is a motivating individual that prods the best out of you every session. I’m excited to get to the gym every day and that is something I’ve never experienced at any other gym. I’m a better me every time I leave that gym, BOOM!

- Carson True Read Reviews

Group Strength & Conditioning

Group training is an excellent and affordable training option which creates camaraderie, builds friendships, and offers friendly competition. Join with friends or make new ones in our group training programs.

  • General Strength & Powerlifting
  • Bodybuilding/Aesthetics Training
  • Skill and Ability Development
  • Metabolic Conditioning
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Team Training

Whether it’s for scholastic team training, collegiate, or professional we offer classes that can be booked specifically for you and your team. Improve stability, strength, balance, agility, speed, co-ordination while pushing measurable results that will fortify your record positively. While wrestling and football may be our specialized sports, we offer training that benefits any team in virtually any sport to get you on a winning path while bonding together to win.

  • Explosive Strength with Co-ordination
  • Stability, Agility, Speed, Quickness and Balance
  • Athletic Skill and Ability Development
  • Metabolic Conditioning to fit your sport
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Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Great gym and owner.

- Adina Beaudry Read Reviews

Specialized Workouts

Quick HIIT Plus

Work at your own pace to hit your goals while burning out a sweat and extra calories! Types of hit Methods vary from class to class.  Strength (Anaerobic) HIIT and Aerobic HIIT workouts are assigned to the individual. We have programs aimed towards strength and muscle building for those of us looking to get in and out of the gym to maximize our benefits and time.

  • General Strength and fitness
  • Cardio conditioning and development
  • Pace management and Muscular Endurance
  • Metabolic Conditioning
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Strong Body

This program is based around powerlifting and strength building solely through lifting scaled around out big 5 lifts. Expect to get strong pretty quickly if you keep showing up for our coaches to train you through the fundamentals into becoming a more advanced lifter over time.

  • Powerlifting
  • Powerbuilding
  • Raw Grip Strength
  • Compound lift explosiveness and Technique
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