Getting Started

Get Started

Explore Your Goals

Free Fitness Profile | 10 - 15 minutes

You’ll meet with head coach Sean Seaberg and fill out a questionnaire so that we can understand your health and fitness history and get a feel for how you’ll fit in to our programs.

After the questionnaire Sean will ask follow up questions to better understand where you are at with your health, where you’ve been, and where you’d like to go.

Together you will determine a program that fits your financial and scheduling requirements or schedule an introductory workout to better understand your fitness profile.

Discover Your Path

Introductory Session | 15 - 20 minutes

You will be introduced to a light cardio warm up before moving into our baseline Movements Routine.

Through the Movements Routine we will understand how you learn, process, and apply movement patterns. This intro session will give you the opportunity to engage with our expert coaches and determine which coaches are the best fit for your needs.

Once we finish the Movements Routine you will sit down with a fit guide and together you can decide if Boom! Athletics is the right choice for you. If you’d like to continue training with us we can help you determine the best classes for your learning style and fitness goals.

Master the Basics

Fundamentals Program | 10 Hours

After choosing your path, you will complete our Fundamentals Training Program where you’ll master all of the fitness basics and terms we use to communicate.

Learning the terminology we use will set you up for success and ensure you are properly applying our movement patterns. The Fundamentals Training Program will give you the opportunity to assimilate with other members and understand proper gym etiquette.

Upon completion of our Fundamentals Training Program you will be ready to move autonomously within our programs and enjoy the benefits of understanding more advanced coaching as you progress through your fitness journey.